Cafe Turtle, New Delhi

On a weekend or a holiday when you’re looking for a quiet place to spend your afternoon or lazy on your laptop, there are few places in Delhi that allow you that luxury. However, one little gem is a small chain of coffee shops called Cafe Turtle. 

Cafe Turtle’s bookstore is a great destination to get some quiet, some good coffee, great vegetarian options and an expat friendly environment. Their bookstores are inviting and have an interesting mix of international and Indian writers to choose from. Their food is good too – give their baked goodies a try. At Resettle, we highly recommend their mix of freshly squeezed juices. One drawback is no internet access so make sure to carry your data card with you. 

The coffee shops and books stores are conveniently located in GK1 – N Block market, Khan market and the Nizamuddin East market. Watch out for book readings and workshops for children if that interests you as well. All in all, its a save haven for expats and diplomats who have chosen to relocate to Delhi. You’re sure to enjoy the ambience, the great hospitality, easy food options and maybe make a friend or two while you’re sitting there browsing through your book!