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The power of HOPE

As we look back at Mental Awareness Month, we want to leave you with one simple thought – Hope! Stay positive, stay happy and reach out if you need any help.

Future of Mobility

The Future of Global Mobility: The Silver Revolution “Millennials in mobility” has been a popular topic, as expected, since Millennials occupy a large part of the talent group which qualify for overseas assignments.  However, with the millennial demographic comes a host of high expectations.  Millennial Match They are particular in their choice of destinations as … Continue reading Future of Mobility

Virtual Language Lessons for adults and children

By Helena Kresin – Eszett Business Language Services Less than even a year ago, the idea of teaching English to students around the world without moving from the confines of your home would have been deemed a novel concept. Due to the demands of a global pandemic, virtual language teaching has swiftly become a reality.  Through my … Continue reading Virtual Language Lessons for adults and children