Delhi – a better tourist destination!

At RESETTLE, our main aim is to ensure that expatriates have an enjoyable stay during their assignment in India!

Over the years, we have often heard that expats find it hard to adjust for a multitude of reasons. Digging deeper, we found that it more often that not comes down to lack of information on simple things that will help them navigate their stay here better.

Delhi has a lot to offer by way of culture and heritage. As one of the oldest cities in the world, built around 7 cities, you will discover tales of the past, a rich heritage, warm and hospitable people and an experience you will never forget!

It was good to read that the Delhi government is allocating funds to make Delhi a more tourist friendly place. So for all our expat friends out there… there are better times ahead. And of course, we at RESETTLE, are only here to make your introduction to the city an easy and convenient experience. Enjoy your journey in India. Happy exploring!

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