Exploring Delhi in the summer

Summer is brutal in northern India. And there is no escaping it. There are useful tips we have penned down to help you keep that heat at bay. Otherwise, keep in mind,that there are plenty of indoor options to explore during this heat wave.

Typically May, June and July tend to be very hot months in Delhi. The ‘Loo’, which is a hot, dry and strong wind that blows in from Western India, comes along in May and June.

Some useful tips while moving around in Delhi during these hot months:

  1. Wear cottons and other fabrics that breathe versus synthetic materials
  2. Drink plenty of liquids to remain hydrated
  3. Carry a spray bottle of water with you and add a little rose water to that. This has an immediate cooling effect.
  4. Include salads in your diet.
  5. Run your outdoor errands in the morning or evening when the sun is lower and temperatures are cooler.
  6. Contact us at info@resettle.in – we’ll organize ways for you to explore the city in this weather.

Relocating to a new country like India gives you the wonderful opportunity to explore its rich culture and heritage. This is one destination you need to make the most of. At RESETTLE, we work on providing services that help you make your stay in India an enriching one.

If nothing else, enjoy the daylight that lasts long into the evening!