Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some answers to questions we frequently receive from prospective clients and relocating employees.

Are you a household goods transportation company?

Resettle is not a Household Goods transportation company. It is a full-service, relocation firm providing destination and visa and immigration services to individuals and families moving to India. We also provide services to Corporations relocating their employees to India. We operate pan India. Resettle however recommends household goods transportation, packing and storage through its reliable partner Mithals International Movers and Packers. Mithals also provide storage facility and fine art logistics.

Are you affiliated with a partner real estate company?

No. Resettle is an independent, privately owned company not affiliated with any single real estate brand. Through our years of operation, we have established a tried and true real estate network of carefully selected and qualified brokers and agents across India.

My company doesn’t have a relocation program or benefits. Do you offer services directly to individuals?

Yes! We provide relocation and immigration services directly to individuals and their families. Write to us today at for more specific information.

Do you offer services outside of India?

Yes. We can deliver relocation and assignment management services in more than 150 countries through our reliable partner network.

If my company hires you to provide relocation services, is there a cost to me?

Each client’s policy is different, but if Resettle’s contract is with your employer then they are responsible for contracted charges. If you request additional services outside the scope of your employer’s benefits, this must be approved by your employer, and they would determine if you are responsible for the cost of any of these added benefits. You would be informed of such additional charges prior to the service being conducted.

How do I find out more about becoming a Resettle’s service partner?

We welcome opportunities to establish partnerships with service providers who are interested in working with Resettle! Write to us at and we can set up a call to discuss your service offerings.

How can I manage my healthcare while in India?

The healthcare package in India, will depend on the specific arrangement of your assignment. For instance, if you are being moved by your Employer then the benefits program needs to be clarified as to whether it includes healthcare and the extent that it provides coverage. Should you have ongoing health concerns or chronic conditions you need to understand how the healthcare plan covers these. As an individual or family relocating privately, a Resettle relocations expert can assist by providing information about health insurance coverage and guide you by putting you in touch with the right provider.

While private healthcare is of a high quality in India and considered very reasonably priced compared to the US, Canada and Europe, it is best to secure a healthcare program as early as possible upon your arrival.

How will my taxes be calculated, and how will I file my taxes?

Resettle can offer guidance or referral to specialists in global compensation services for the compiling, managing and reporting your compensation data to the appropriate home and host country tax authorities. Tax compliance is critical for your success and peace of mind here in India and for your smooth departure at the end of your tenure.

Are work permits, visas and all other immigration issues already taken care of?

At Resettle, our in-house team of immigration experts will guide you with an interactive relocation timeline that maps out the to-do list and reminders all in one place. Our technology tracks the entire process and sends out updates regularly, so you and your family always have the latest information pertaining to your visa application. Resettle will give ample notification of important dates for filing, applications, interviews and renewals.

Is my personal data safe with Resettle?

Data breaches and questionable data-handling practices seem to be occurring more frequently; therefore, data breach is an understandable concern. We take this opportunity to assure you that as an organisation, Resettle, has put measures in place to remove any risk of your data being vulnerable and your privacy compromised. Resettle values the trust we have earned over the years and we have prioritized the privacy of our customers so that we never jeopardize losing this trust. As such our policies remain steadfast in protecting your data. Data received undergoes an encryption process to help protect the confidentiality while it is stored or transmitted. Resettle stores the data as long as it is required in order to serve you. Once the case has been closed and the data is no longer required, it is destroyed and a certificate of deletion is issued. Resettle recognises that by implementing these strict procedures, we will continue to build greater trust and cultivate deeper customer connections.

Will my family adjust to Indian culture?

You may be so focused on logistical details and decisions that adjusting to the local culture may be something you have not thought about. However, in a country like India, you will have questions and curiosities arising during your first weeks of assignment. The cultural differences will be evident upon landing and even with English speaking locals, communication can present challenges. Resettle has developed a complete cross-cultural program for the entire family to address this very issue. Adjust to the local culture quickly and enjoy your stay in India!

Will my children have access to good schools?

One of the main concerns of assignees is that their children will not fall behind in schooling. Are the school standards on par with home? Are they easily accessible? Will it be hard to get into top-notch schools? Does the style of learning meet expectations? Does the school year calendar align with our previous experience?

Resettle works as a preferred partner to many of the top international schools across India. Your dedicated Resettle consultant is invested in your success which includes the well-being of your children. Therefore, you can relax knowing you are in good hands guiding you through the many schooling choices.

India is huge. I would like to explore but how would I even know where to start?

Being able to live in India for an extended time, is an opportunity not to be wasted. It will be life changing for your family to witness the Taj Mahal at sunrise or a Bengal tiger napping in the shade of trees. You can prepare for your adventure before you get here and make a bucket list! Resettle will gladly help you plan your explorations of India by putting you in touch with our recommended travel partners.