Frequently Asked Question

Choosing India as your new home

India is poised towards economic growth and opportunity that is drawing many businesses to its shores. Expats are also drawn by the country’s cultural richness and diversity, not to mention the hospitality of its hosts. India offers a variety of travel options– from pristine beaches, cozy hilltop lodges to adventure treks and wildlife exploration.

At Resettle, we provide ‘look see’ and city / cultural orientation programs to help you navigate your way in your Indian city. Our list of do’s and don’ts can be your guide to starting out in India.

Our consultants will speak to you about Indian traditions, the customs and rituals that govern India and you are sure to find these tips very useful. Once settled, you will begin to see the many positive things that India offers and your exploration can begin!

Working in India

For expats wanting to work in India, you will need an employment visa. Expats working in India are likely to receive salaries adjusted to the cost of living indexin India and that could differfrom that of your home country.

Multinationals usually offer the same benefits to their employees, as they would receive in their home country. Other details will depend on your negotiation with your employer. International businesses often also offer additional benefits such as housing allowances, paid trips home once or twice a year, and full healthcare coverage etc.

Will my children be able to adjust?

There are some excellent, well-established international schools in the major Indian cities. In most schools, teaching is in English, though in larger cities you can also find schools teaching in other languages such as French, German and Japanese. For eg there are several IB World Schools in Gurgaon, to the southwest of Central Delhi. Once you have decided on your move, we will introduce you to the schools in your Indian city.
For regular and one-off children’s activities, the best place to look is the “Kids” section of Time Out for your Indian city. Most schools offer extracurricular activities, but you can also engage in private tutors for activities such as piano lessons, ballet, jazz, etc. You can also enroll your children in hobby classes and activities happening in your neighborhood. We are happy to consult you on various options.

Health will of course be an important concern for your family and you. Your employer will in most cases provide this benefit. We will also show you hospitals and medical stores during our city orientation program should you choose this option.

First steps to planning your move

From the time you decide to move to India and have chosen us as your relocation partner, we will guide you through a detailed process of how to plan this shift.

We begin by understanding your needs over a few conversations and then advising you based on your specific requirements. From the moment to decide to pack up your home and shift to India, we are along with you the entire journey. Bank on Resettle to look into all your requirements.

Indian customs and rituals

India is a vibrant amalgamation of varied ethnic groups, cultures, and traditions. Indians go out of their way to accommodate guests, so there is little chance that you will offend them. However, to avoid making any unintentional blunders, at Resettle we offer cultural training on how to manage day-to-day interactions and what to do in case of different occasions. Our trained consultants will be there to help you understand Indian customs and rituals.

Getting around and exploring India

Pick up the Lonely Planet for India and begin your exploration. We are happy to connect you to established travel agents who can book every last detail on your travel and stay. India has a lot of offer, so don’t just sit back, explore all you can during your stay here.