Final Dos and Don’ts of Moving Abroad

Your job in your new destination is now finalised and the daunting task of starting the move has begun! here are a few final final steps to keep in mind for moving to another country:

Creating an Inventory List

Its important to consider what to take and what to leave behind. A quick check with your relocation consultant will help you understand what is available easily in your new city and what you should carry along. Make an exhaustive list of questions to ask on your chats with this consultant. It will only make you resettle more easily in your new home. Create an inventory of what you will take with you and things you need to purchase when you get there.

Pets Moving?

This requires some paperwork from your side. Speak to your relocation consultant and have them coordinate with the airline on all the requirements. They will inform you of the paperwork and the vaccines for your pet shipment


Check on what works in your new city. You may not be able to take all your appliances and will need to research a trusted new buyer there. For smaller appliances and for your computer etc, check for what adapters are needed. 

Cancelling Subscriptions

Make a to do list of items you need to wind up in your existing home. Noting like a checklist stuck to your fridge to remind you of all that needs to be taken care of before your relocation begins. Pay up all your bills and cancel utilities. 

Lastly, enjoy the prospect of moving to a new country. If it is India, we are here to ensure you resettle with absolute care and convenience and you have a friend to take you through this journey.

Safe travels!