Great deals on beautiful handicrafts!

Indian handicrafts are appreciated world over. Families of Indian artisans pass on skilled workmanship and their intricacies and techniques down the generations.

While exploring India, you will find that items that are popular with tourists are Indian gems and jewellery, exotic carpets, paintings, textiles and other handicrafts such as brass ornaments and figurines, craved boxes, marble based products, etc.

India is home to 90% of the world’s cut and polished small diamonds. India is also the largest hub for precious stones like emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Add to that the low cost of skilled labor and you find yourself some value for money deals with these products.

Carpets from Kashmir (in the Northern part of India) are known for their quality and intricacy of design. You get some of the best hand crafted carpets, some of which take years to make.

Paintings depicting the Mughal era are very popular. Indian mythology and Gods feature very often in Tanjore paintings. Textiles like silks, wool and cashmere are sought after and are worm by people the world over.

Marble based handicrafts are the most popular with tourist especially the mini Taj Mahal artifacts.

During your stay in India, we encourage you to explore your city for its local artifacts. Every nook and corner in old Delhi provides you with such treasures. Closer to south Delhi where you are likely to find a home for yourself, there are various collectors we recommend to visit for a good collection.

Make the most of your stay here and soak in the culture and heritage!