India comes up as the 4th best market for global companies looking for growth abroad

Worldwide economic growth has taken a hit. While confidence levels are generally down across. In 2018 when PwC conducted the Annual Global CEO Survey, it revealed a record level of optimism regarding the economic growth figures. In 2020, the Survey reveals that more than half the CEOs surveyed believe that the rate of global GDP will decline.

1581 chief executives in 83 territories were taken into account. What contributes to this uncertainty in growth is the lack of confidence around regulation, trade and economic growth.

What was an interesting finding was that CEOs globally recognized greater opportunities from climate change initiatives as compared to 10 years ago.

Only China and India among the major economic blocs were less pessimistic on average, but there was a sharp decline in the number of Chinese executives who wanted to do business with the US — just 11 percent identified the US as their most attractive market, compared with 59 percent two years ago.

Source: PwC Annual Global CEO Survey