Lodhi Gardens – A walk in paradise

Lodhi Gardens, Delhi’s iconic landmark, turned 80 this April 2016. This 90 acre lush garden is home to a variety of bird species making it a bird watchers paradise. What’s better news is that it is getting an insectary for butterfly breeding and date palm trees for a new makeover! The gardens are located in south Delhi on Lodhi road between the famous Khan Market and Safdarjung’s tomb.

One of the most famous picnic spots for Delhities, these gardens see people coming in from all walks of life. There’s something for everyone. Nestled within the gardens are monuments from four historic eras, which give a glimpse into the history of Delhi – understand how the Sayyid, Lodhi, Mughal and British Eras shaped the history and present blueprint of Delhi.

From a photographers point of view, one can spend the entire day photographing the birds, monuments, flora and fauna in the gardens. Despite the large number of visitors, Lodhi garden is home to various species of birds. From the Green Parakeet to the weaver bird, all manage to thrive in this little oasis in the middle of concrete jungle. 

Lodi—The Garden Restaurant is a good place to get a meal after an evening walk. Made of wood and glass, it’s as verdant as the garden itself. 

History of Lodhi Gardens

The history be traced back to 1936 when the British evicted the villagers of Khairpur to build a garden, called Lady Willingdon Park, around the Lodhi and Mughal monuments in the vicinity. In 1968, American architects Joseph Allen Stein and Garrett Eckbo re-landscaped it to give it its present shape.

Walks for Expats

If you have just relocated to Delhi, and want to explore as you settle in, write to us at info@resettle.in for a tour of Lodhi gardens with a picnic to accompany it! We would love for you to explore the culture and get oriented with the best spots id Delhi, India.