PM Modi Orders 3-Week Total Lockdown for All 1.3 Billion Indians

India’s prime minister Narendra Modi announced a 21 day lockdown for all 1.3 billion people in the country to stay inside their homes for three weeks starting Wednesday 25th March 2020 — the biggest and most severe action undertaken anywhere to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This lockdown will open up on the 15th of April 2020.

Though India’s number of reported coronavirus infections remains relatively low — around 500 — the fear is that, should the virus hit as it has in the United States, Europe or China, the consequences would lead to a disaster far bigger than anywhere else.

What does this mean?

People are not to step out of their homes, unless for buying essentials or for any emergency services. Which also means that all providers of such services are to operate during this time. Officials will also make sure that all essential items are available for the citizens.

All non-essential activities will remain shut for this duration. All airlines, rail, metro, intercity bus services, any app based taxis and auto rickshaws have been suspended throughout the country.

Our recommendation is to stay home and stay safe.

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