Pre Arrival Orientation – Why?

Before you take a deep breath and dive into the experience of expat living, at RESETTLE we recommend you take a pre-arrival visit about one month prior to the final move. This will help you understand your new city better and make preparations for what to take with you when you relocate to India. 

Getting resettled should not be an overwhelming experience. So on your Look-See visit make sure you ask your relocation company to address the following:

  1. Visits a few sample homes to understand the kind of housing options available. Check on all the kinds of utilities that will be provided in these houses. 
  2. Learn more about the city you will be living in and take a tour of important destinations.
  3. Try and meet other expatriates living there. You can begin building on your social network and support system from the beginning itself.
  4. Understand what health precautions you should take before your relocation to India.

Once you are back home, make note of all the things you must take into account before the final relocation to India. Talk to your relocation consultant constantly and make sure all your needs are met!