Recommended Japanese restaurants in Gurgaon

In Gurgaon, one of the hottest cuisine these days is Japanese. With a large expat community working there, these restaurants cater not only to the Japanese clientele, but others too as this cuisine has picked up over the years. Below, Resettle has put together a list of authentic restaurants you must try in Gurgaon:

Ichizen – A great place with a superb chef that has a good understanding of Japanese food. The Tempura vegetable and Prawns are a must try!

Izu – A small eatery that provides authentic Japanese food.  Bento, Tempura, Sushi Nigiri, and the Ramen Udon Soba are some of the dishes we recommend. 

Sakura – Another place offering authentic Japanese food. The Sunday Brunch is a must do. Also, the seafood selection here is excellent and the place offers some great tuna delicacies. Must try – the black sesame ice cream.

Raifu – Often visited by a mostly Japanese clientele, this place offers great service and a menu to die for. But do bring along your Japanese food dictionary to know what you are ordering! 

Daikichi – Give the chicken and pork delicacies a try here. It is a great value for money place and will have you coming back for more!

Kitchens of Asia – More an multi Asian cuisine restaurant, the have a large variety of Japanese food as well. What we recommend highly are the deserts. Try the Wasabi Crème Brule and Yuzu Meringue Pie.

Kyoto Restaurant – Here, the menu speaks for itself. Experience the Tempura, Udon, Soba and Ramen. 

Komachi Japanese Dining – a small and homely restaurant with a small menu. The food is good along with the service. The private rooms ups the ante in terms of Japanese decor. Their hotpot is a must order item during winter months. 

Happy Dining!