Once you have contacted us, we would like to ensure we understand your needs perfectly before you come to India. For this we would like to set up a series of pre arrival conversations. We would encourage you to involve your apouse if she/he is relocatig with you.


It will be smooth sailing from the time you land. From arranging a pick up at the airport, to arranging temporary accomodation if required, you can bank on us to fullfill your every need. A list of some of the services include:

  • Pick up facility from the airport
  • A welcome package with maps, city guides and thoughtful how-to guides
  • City orientation program and connecting with other expats
  • Cultural orientation and spouse support programs

Look See

Based on your request, we tailor make a program that provides an introduction to the Indian city you are moving to. This may include visiting possible houseing options in apropriate neighborushoods, meeting current expatriates, visiting areas like markets and seeing important landmarks. We will address any concerns or questions that you may have regarding your prospective place of stay.

City Orientation

In case you have not opted for the Look-See option, we can arrange a city orientation post your arrival. This will help introduce you and your family to your new place of stay. We will provide your family with an orientation tour of the city, information about your expatriate neighborhood and your housing options, medical facilities, shopping and dining options, leisure and recreation activities for the family.

Home Search

Finding the perfect house in the locality of your choice can be a difficult task. We want to make this task easier for you and identify available options within the desired budget well before your arrival.

  • Assistance with tenporary housing options and booking (if required)
  • Showcasing the top home choices for you and helping with final negotiations
  • Introduction to the expat network in that locality

Settling-in Services

If you have not yet chosen a moving company, we are happy to assist you via our partner Mithals International. Same a house into a home in a new country can be challenging given various factors like language barriers, local handyman charges, lack of information on where to source various neccesities. We are here to quell your worries and set you up in no time all.

  • Household goods moving and extra storage facilities (scroll down for more information)
  • Fine art moving services (scroll down for more information)
  • Assistance with connecting utilities such as electricity, gas, water, internet, phone and television
  • Registration of your driver’s license
  • Assistance with opening bank accounts
  • Information on neighbourhood resources such as groceries, doctors, sports facilities and social networks for expats

School Search

We will help you connect to the school networks for your children and make the necessary introductions. Our services include:

  • Overview of schooling options (international and local)
  • Coordination of school visits, appointment with the head-masters and parent coordinators

FRRO and Visa Services

We provide a comprehensive range of immigration services to inbound clients. Our services are in compliance with the immigration laws and regulations in India. Leave all the hassle of paper work to us. Services typically include:

  • FRRO: Foreigners applying for an employment visa for 180 days at a stretch have to register with the local authorities within 14 days of arrival to India. Registration may differ in each city in India and we are there to make this exercise smooth and easy for you.
  • Extension of Visa in India: We offer this service prior to your shift to India. Typically you must apply for the Visa, or extension there of at least 5-6 weeks prior to your travel.

Cultural Orientation

We understand that things about a new culture may confound you and a country like India, rich in its customs and rituals may seem like a daunting place. But be rest assured, with the quick set of do’s and don’ts, we will make your life simpler. Our cultural orientation sessions will be designed based on your family and your requirements. We will leave behind useful tips and feel free to call us should you ever have any more questions. Our set of training sessions include:

  • Understanding Indian culture and etiquettes (Dos and Don’ts)
  • Language lessons (will be organized via a third party)
  • Etiquites at the Indian workplace
  • How to successfully manage your staff at home

Tenancy Management

We offer services, if required, to help set up your household staff and maintenance of the house on a monthly basis. We can fix the time period for which you require these services or for the duration of your stay in India. Our local knowledge will help us ensure we provide you with trusted services.

Spouse Support

It can be tough being an accompanying spouse given lack of work permits, spouse and children gone all day, long distances and traffic jams in India. To add to it, the cultural differences may come as a unwelcome surprise. At Resettle, we offer the spouse support in a number of ways:

  • Identifying volunteering opportunties with Indian and international NGOs where they could use your skill sets. This could include teaching, administrative work, project management and fund-raising
  • Help identify options for going back to school. Spouses would need a special Student Visa to study in an Indian college or university. This is relatively easy to get if you register with an Indian institution. They can also register with an institution in their home country and do their research and writing from India.
  • Help identify appropriate expatriate networking groups and connect you to them
  • Exploring Indian culture – We would be happy to arrange tours for you and to guide you your experiences in India. Day trips can be organized to experience Indian shopping, visit the spice market, immerse in a yoga class, or anything else that catches your fancy in this diverse country.

Household Goods Moving & Storage

We offer household goods moving, storage and pet shipping services through our partner concern Mithals International Movers. Mithals has over 2 decades of experience in domestic and international moving services and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified partner of the Harmony Relocation Network, headquartered in Netherlands. Servies include:

  • International moving services to and from India
  • Packing and moving services within India
  • Secured storage facility
  • Pet relocation

Fine Art Handling

Mithals Fine Art Handing began as a specialised service in India to work with artists and galeries across the globe. With respect to relocation, we can help you move your art work, scuptures and other valuable items with the utmost care and trust. We are one of the very few companies in India offering these services:

  • Fine art handling which includes crating, packing and storage
  • Exhibition logistics

Departure Services

We are there for you to make your next transition as well. The following services are offered at the time of your departure:

  • Assistance with moving household goods
  • Departure counselling
  • Assistance with the termination of utilities and other account cancellations