So you are thinking of moving to India! We would love to connect with you as early and as often as possible so we get a clear understanding of all your needs and how we can provide you with a best service possible. The more we get to know you and your family the better we can serve you.


From the moment you take off, you can leave your worries behind. We will be with you every step of the way in your new life in India. From a secured and safe pick up at the airport, to arranging suitable temporary accommodation, we provide all the services to ensure that you are happily Resettled.

We invite you to read about our services in detail.


This service is available to the assignee prior to arrival. It helps the individual and family in making the decision on whether to move or not. Visiting the city before investing in making the move and engaging your family in the transition, is a wise option. It will give you some idea of what to expect and how you can prepare for the next adventure. We arrange a tailor-made program based on the specified needs. The tour is very similar to the City Orientation but takes place during the decision-making stage.


All foreigners traveling to India require a valid visa relevant to the purpose of travel, regardless of place of entry. These visas must be issued in your homeland prior to departure. The following are some of the most common categories of visas issued by the Indian Government:

  • Employment Visa
  • Entry Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Medical Visa

Resettle is available for a consultation on the visa type applicable to you and to assist with the process of application. Please note, in order to avoid unforeseen delays and set backs to your schedule, it is important to contact us at least 2 months before your intended departure date.


Travelers to India intending to stay more than 180 days, must register with the Government of India at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO). This registration must take place within 14 days of arrival. The process for registration varies regionally. Resettle will walk you through the process of registration according to the requirements for your intended region of stay. We provide the necessary documentation, complete all the government forms and ensure a speedy and successful application. We provide you with excellent service so that you can relax and enjoy peace of mind.


Upon arrival, your designated Consultant will personally give you a tour of the city you have relocated to. We will orient you to the main areas of interest you and your family have specified. It will include the sections of the city related to work, potential neighbourhoods suitable for setting up a home, schools and of course groceries, hospitals and entertainment options. We connect you with members of the expat community and direct you to relevant cultural interests.


We want to make sure you are happily Resettled and finding you the perfect house in the right area is where our expertise lies. We will work within your budget and meet your desires practically within the restraints of the local market to locate your new home even before you arrive. Our Home Search service entails:

  • Securing temporary accommodation through online booking if needed
  • Researching properties in order to present you with the best options virtually and in person
  • Preparing the lease application and conducting negotiations on your behalf
  • Conducting a property review prior to possession
  • Introducing you to the expat community and networks in your local area


Navigating a new country is tough enough without language barriers, knowing where to find a handy man and not having the resources at your fingertips. You will overcome these hurdles eventually, but at the start we are here for you. Our Settling-In Services assists you with:

  • Connecting utilities – gas, electricity, phone, cable TV, Wi-Fi/internet
  • Driver’s license registration
  • Bank account opening
  • Finding your way around the neighbourhood amenities – gym, doctors, social networks, groceries
  • Recommending trustworthy, capable handymen for repairs or installation
  • PAN Card, Aadhaar Card application
  • Mobile phone connection
  • Recommendations for household staff hiring

If you have not yet chosen a moving company, we are happy to assist you via our partner Mithals International



Resettle partners with world class language institutes to provide clients with the option of mastering Hindi, English or any language. The flexibility of our program allows participants to a head start by beginning classes online prior to departure. Programs are customized to specifically meet the goals of the clients.


Your need to resettle everyone in the family is our top priority. We will focus on finding the right school so your family can thrive with as little disruption as possible. In our School Search service, we provide:

  • A comprehensive overview of relevant schooling options including available curricula and plusses and minuses of attending local or international schools
  • Assistance with school visits including appointments in person or virtually with key Administrative personnel
  • Assistance with necessary paperwork and application process, if required


Incredible India promises to be a wonderful chapter in your life and the life of your family. And part of the wonder of India is its cultural intricacies. However, navigating such a diverse country can be overwhelming at first which is why we offer our Cultural Orientation service. It will take time but we will give you a solid head start by providing you with:

  • An overview of Indian culture and the Dos and Don’ts of acceptable etiquette
  • Indian festivals and big occasions – how to dress, how to gift, how many of the events you are required to attend and what is expected of you
  • Comfortably and confidently communicating in the workplace and boardroom in person, virtually or in written form
  • Hiring and managing domestic staff, including driver and nanny. We cover what to expect regarding their duties, their hours and salaries.


This service can really make or break your stay in India. When everyone is happy and the home is running like clockwork, you can face every day with peace of mind and focus on your performance at work. Our Tenancy Management service allows the nitty gritty of running a home to rest on our shoulders. We can set up a monthly schedule for a set period or for your duration, and we will take care of as much of the responsibility as you desire. From paying your bills, dealing with your household staff and maintenance, we are here to serve you and our local knowledge will work to your advantage.


As an accompanying partner to an assignee, finding purpose to your day can be challenging, especially in a new country with all the cultural differences. Resettle’s Partner Integration and Support program provides the encouragement you need to be fully engaged and thrive. This program is customized to meet your needs and the options are unlimited. It may include identifying opportunities for volunteering or selecting a study course to enrol in during your stay in India. We introduce you to the expat networks so that you can build a sense of community. Over the course of the month we introduce you to some Ancient Indian disciplines such as Ayurveda and yoga; as well as set you on your way to explore local markets and cultural sites. We tailor make this program to suit the needs of the individual. We want you to get the most out your experience so you can just sit back and enjoy this journey!


All good things must come to an end and Resettle offers you the support and guidance you need to complete your time in India on a positive note. The next move will be your focus, so why not let us take care of the departure details so that nothing is left undone in India? Our Departure Services ensure that you have the necessary:

  • Assistance with packing up, storing and shipping your belongings
  • Counselling as a family so that your closure in India is complete and you are ready for your next chapter
  • Guidance in wrapping up all utilities, collecting any refunds or paying any outstanding balances and closing bank accounts
  • Assistance with navigating your lease termination and collecting the deposit, if applicable
  • Aid in any compliance requirements you need to meet.