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Delhi air to improve

Some good news for all those suffering from pollution related ailments in Delhi – the government is now gearing up to shell out Rs 19,762 crore ($2.95 billion) to bring down traffic congestion in its capital city. New Delhi which is home to about 16 million people, is currently the world’s11th-most polluted city, is about to … Continue reading Delhi air to improve

Tastes of North India

Indian food can seem inviting or a daunting options given its various spices and curry concoctions! We’re here to break it down for you. And if you have a spice tolerance, it sure is going to be a much easier experience on the senses and the belly! If you have decided to resettle to India, … Continue reading Tastes of North India

Great deals on beautiful handicrafts!

Indian handicrafts are appreciated world over. Families of Indian artisans pass on skilled workmanship and their intricacies and techniques down the generations. While exploring India, you will find that items that are popular with tourists are Indian gems and jewellery, exotic carpets, paintings, textiles and other handicrafts such as brass ornaments and figurines, craved boxes, … Continue reading Great deals on beautiful handicrafts!