The Many Benefits of Language Learning

The Many Benefits of Language Learning

What’s your language profile?  Do you identify as a member of the MBTPQ community?  Are you mono, bi, tri or poly lingual or just quiet?

Never before has learning a new language been simpler.  It is more convenient than ever and because online classes are readily available the time commitment required is low.  Meanwhile the need for learning another language or two, is on the rise.  Take a look around! Language translation apps proliferate.  This indicates our exposure to other languages has drastically increased along with the need to understand one another.

If you could, in just 5 short weeks or less, conquer another language, wouldn’t you?  Well, now it is that simple.  While it may not be easy, it will be worth it.  With the pandemic shutting down international traffic, technology bridged the geographical gaps and shrank the globe.  Now language learning will melt the divide, open up cultural worlds and build bridges.

There are many compelling reasons and amazing benefits to learning an extra or two or three languages.  These range from improvements in your well-being, your circle of influence, your mental state and most obviously to your career.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits becoming a polyglot can bestow.


Neuroplasticity refers to your brain’s ability to restructure or rewire itself when it recognizes the need for adaptation.  In other words, it can continue developing and changing throughout life once provided the right stimulus.  Learning a language presents your brain with the challenge to adapt and rewire thereby boosting cognitive power not just in the language-processing part but in every area including attention, memory, emotions and motor skills.


Going beyond memorising new vocabulary and grasping grammatical rules, a foreign language program opens up a whole new world, literally.  Suddenly the rationale behind cultural norms and trends make sense and even fascinate so students are encouraged to learn more.

A new language enables learners to indulge in visual and audio entertainment in that language, like watching a movie, listening to music, and reading books.  The history, the people, the festivals, art and dance become a rich tapestry to be appreciated and imbibed.

Employment Advantage

This is a given.  From resume enhancement to actual open doors within your company or outside of it, learning a language, is a clear method of boosting your career.  Who better to be given the opportunity to start a branch in Japan, than the manager who has been studying Japanese language for the past six months?  Opportunities may arise as you discover the linguist within you.  Fluency in other languages may create new career paths altogether – think diplomat or attache offices, embassies, travel, global corporations.  Not to mention BPOs and KPOs in India and manufacturing in China.  There are really no limits.

Competitive Edge

But, even if you never leave the shores of your homeland, having a second language makes you more relevant as it is considered a necessity in this global village.  Whether you are a born English speaker and conduct business meetings and transactions in English, having a command of Hindi or Mandarin would open up these vast markets to you.  It ensures you stay relevant and are never left behind in a competitive job market.

Self- Confidence

Learning something new is an achievement and brings assurance within yourself that you can accomplish your goals.  Being able to converse with people of a different culture and tongue, raises your confidence and challenges you to attain even more goals.  This type of self-esteem comes across when interacting with your colleagues and managers and puts you in good stead in every setting.

Networking Skills

Speaking another language exposes the student to new traditions and cultural mind sets which in turn creates an awareness and sensitivity to others.  Research suggests that language learners develop a more positive attitude towards the language and the speakers of the language. 

This mindset of appreciation for those who are different builds character and reinforces the advantage of having a broader perspective; such as the ability to make meaningful and authentic connections with others.  This has proven profitability in life in general but specifically for business relationships.

Other benefits of language learning include increased cognitive ability, ability to retain and recall knowledge and focus on tasks is increased as well as the ability to multi task.  There is evidence that these skills are enhanced with learning language.

What are you waiting for?

With hundreds of languages to choose from, you may be wondering how do I pick one.  It really is a personal preference and has a lot to do with where you are at currently, your interests and desires or hopes for the future.  The main thing is to pick one and start.  Pretty soon, you will be reaping all of the benefits mentioned above and probably much more.

What is biggest challenge in learning a foreign language?

Learning the language may not prove to be as difficult as overcoming an ingrained mindset many English speakers have.  Many English speakers believe that they lack the ability to learn languages, and in their English-centred world, they see no need for it nor any benefit.

But in the words of Alexander, speaker of six languages including English, from Arkansas, US, who is currently serving in the US Consulate in Mumbai: “The truth is, learning a language is similar to learning any other system—science, math, music. It requires an understanding of the mechanics of language and then regular application of those concepts in daily life until they become engrained.  Once some level of fluency is achieved, a world of opportunities opens up.”

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