Upcoming heritage walks around Delhi

Relocated to Delhi this year? Well now with the monsoons hitting the city and temperatures finally dipping, take advantage of this lovely weather and check out some of Delhi’s beautiful and architecturally appealing heritage sites. 

A perfect way to plan your weekend around a bit of history, some lovely Indian cuisines and musical performance to end the night with. Delhi has an old charm to it and its history has much to explore by way of these heritage walks. Delhi’s monuments are testament to its past, spanning almost a thousand years. 

Delhi Heritage Walks helps expats and locals experience this city and enjoy its heritage. You can choose the nature of walk or area that you wish to explore based on your interest. It is easy to book these walks online. Walks can also be customised to explore parts of the city not covered in the month’s schedule. 

Check out the schedule for August here.

So get your friends and colleagues together and plan an exploratory weekend ahead. Pack a nice picnic basket and make the most of your stay in Delhi! Relocation to a new country is the perfect way to explore and learn about a new culture so make the most of it while you are here!