Work From Home Parents – Helpful Tips

Coronavirus has forced each of us to seek sanctuary in our homes and for the working population; work from home is a new norm. Technology platforms have come to the rescue and video chats are the flavor of the day. As humans, we crave physical interaction and the video medium suits us better right now and helps us stay connected with our colleagues, peers, friends and family.

However, for the working parents of young kids, it has been a challenge. From children running into the video screens to loud tantrums and meltdown to not understanding why they are constantly being shushed away even though their parents are home.

Here are some tips to help you navigate this situation better:

1. Communication communication communication – Children of all ages understand best when parents take the time to explain the new home scenario. Let them know what working on the laptop is and why you don’t want to be disturbed. Give them time to understand and appreciate that in between these meetings you will give them time.

2. Find a routine – For both you and the children. With schools and playgrounds shut, children seek entertainment and encouragement from home. Zoom classes barely satisfy those young creative minds who need to explore at this age. Fix a routine and activities for you and them and make meal times and designated break times with them.

3. Make you family a part of your work – You have made work a part of your home! If you children do interrupt during a meeting, don’t shush them away. Take a minute to let them see and explain that you need this time to do you work activity and you will attend to them soon. Most of us now understand these challenges and respect parents working from home and managing this balance

But most importantly, make sure you take out the time each day to have some fun with your loved ones. We have to appreciate the opportunity to get this much time with our families. Let us not waste this gift and give our families the love and attention they deserve during these tough times.